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"I joined ROKiT almost a year ago. What a great group of people but more importantly what a great teacher Mark is. I have never been confident about my voice and the fact that I’m now more than happy to sing harmony is staggering. The choir is such a fun, friendly and inclusive space and I’d definitely recommend to anyone (singer or not)" 

"We all think we can't sing, but that is mainly about not singing out. At ROKiT, Mark teaches us to let go & SING OUT. It's great!!!"

"Gareth Malone says, ‘If you can talk, you can sing.’ Mark makes that happen for us at ROKIT. He makes each session fun! We sing a wide variety of songs, ranging from ‘A Bat Out Of Hell' to 'A Million Dreams’, and have the words to learn with. He will happily go over our parts as many times as we need, breaking down each section to make it easier. I really look forward to ROKIT night!"

"Choir is a chance to catch up with new friends, sing some great songs, and have a laugh. Mark is a fantastic teacher – he manages to get the best out of a diverse group of people and improve our singing, plus a fab sense of humor and some terrible jokes! He also continuously reminds us that we are here for fun – so no pressure – it’s just about having a good time."

"Being a member of Rokit is a fantastic experience. I have made great friends and for a few hours a week I get to sing, laugh and forget all the daily stresses of life."

"I never imagined that I would sing in a choir but being a member of Rokit has enriched my life, making new friends and having fun. Mark is a kind and knowledgeable teacher with a wealth of experience in all aspects of vocal coaching. Why not come along and give Rokit a go, you may surprise yourself!"

"I have been a member of several choirs during my life but Rokit is undoubtedly the most enjoyable and fulfilling. Mark is an extremely encouraging choirmaster and the method he uses to teach us the various parts are easy to follow, you do not need to read music. The songs we sing cover a wide spectrum and it is great to see them coming together. It is very much a 'feel good' choir to belong to."

"I have been with ROKiT since the 2nd week of the first group starting and can honestly say I've loved every minute of it! Mark is fantastic as our leader and I've made lots of new people I now consider to be friends with. I hate it if I have to miss a session and I'm accompanied by my mother-in-law each week, who will share my views. Singing is my little bit of "weekly therapy" away from my busy role of working in a school. We also have time to have a bit of a laugh too and although we don't take ourselves too seriously I think we have managed to sing some pretty awesome tunes over the years at various events and our Rokit concerts. I can't wait for my next "Rokit" fix 😀

"I have been going to ROKiT now for about 3 months and really enjoy what we are doing I like the songs and mark Is very patient with us and asks if we are happy with what we are doing."

"I joined the ROKit choir just over a year ago and I can honestly say it’s been the best decision I made. I’ve had a few experiences in the past where I’ve been able to use my voice however being in a choir like this has really opened my eyes and ears! It has changed my perspective of singing. It really is a truly wonderful feeling especially when we’ve mastered a song and are so emotional and excited about it. Mark is an incredibly patient teacher and super enthusiastic and funny and kind. We are all one big happy choir and I just love being part of it."

"I saw the poster for ROKiT and thought I would be brave and walk through the doors. From the first time, I was made to feel part of a group.I haven't sung since school and was really nervous . Mark was very welcoming as was everyone else. I really look forward to my Wednesday escape time and finding out what songs we are going to sing next."

"Rokit for me has been a life line! I moved to Dorset and was in a bad place as my dad had just passed away. I went along to Rokit on the very first night, all on my own and not knowing anyone. The welcome I received from Mark was so uplifting. The evening was fun and I made some new friends! Rokit on line got me through lock down, as a care worker I went through tough times during covid and I will be forever grateful. It really is the highlight of my week, 3 years on and I still laugh and have fun and I've even gained the confidence to sing a solo!"

"I joined the Rokit choir in April this year, having been in an A Capella choir for 6 years. The singing styles are very different, but nevertheless, I soon adapted to singing with backing tracks, in fact, I found it very helpful with things like timing and pitch. Having said that, we do sing some A Capella songs. The other choir members made me feel very welcome and I have made many new friends. Mark James's teaching is very relaxed and most of all, enjoyable. I would recommend Rokit to anyone who enjoys singing"

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