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ROK!T is an adult choir singing songs from the '60s to present day, from Rock, Pop and Jazz to ballads and some that can only be described as... different. 


Our ethos is based on having fun with music. We don't audition members and there are no forced solos, it is all about coming along and getting involved with people much the same as you. 


Experience is not needed and all the words are provided for you!


Set up in Sept 2018, Gillingham was the first ROK!T formed. This very quickly became a popular group within the area and almost immediately requests from other areas to open more ROKiTs came in. This then led to the opening of Blandford only 3 months later. 

Our newest group starts in WINCANTON opening on 8th September 2022


ROK!T continues to grow due to its relaxed approached to learning the songs, fun repertoire and social atmosphere. Oh and the warm-ups.... yes the warm-ups


Rokit is led by singing teacher and vocal coach Mark '#ManInTheHat' James

How much does it cost to become a member of ROKiT?

The main aim of ROKiT is to make sure that it is accessible to everyone that wants to take part regardless of experience ability or personal circumstances. Therefore, ROKiT membership is made as easy and affordable for all. 

A night at choir is £5 per person per night - this can be paid for either pay as you go on the night, monthly by standing order (£20 per month), or in an annual payment (£230 per year) both the monthly and annual payments offer a discounted rate over the year. 

There is also an annual membership payment of £25 (included if taking the annual payment) New members do not have to pay the membership for the first 4 weeks so they can have time to decide if they want to be a full-time member first. 

Included in the ROKiT Membership is

  • Uniform top

  • Membership Card

  • Access to our 'ROKIT Drive' online music library for practicing at home

  • Access to our chat rooms for all of the choirs

  • Onto the ROKiT mailing list for updates and information (no marketing))

  • Discounts off tickets for our performances

  • Discounts for workshops run by ROKiT

  • Discount off theatre coach trips run by ROKiT

In short, everything that you need is included in the price. We also have extra items such as hoodies, jackets, and other items of branded clothing, but this is not essential, more details for these can be given on request. 

Gillingham, Dorset

Blandford Forum



ROK!T Gillingham meets on a

Tuesday night at 730pm in

Gillingham Community Church


ROK!T Blandford meet on

Wednesdays at 730pm

in Blandford Methodist Church


ROK!T Wincanton

Thursday nights at 7pm

in the Balsam Centre (Rear Entrance)

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