Our top priority is to ensure that our choir members stay safe during the risk of the global pandemic. As such Rokit has carried out a risk assessment for the return of the choirs to rehearsals so that the risk to both choir members and choir leader are reduced as much as is practically possible. The Risk Assessment is attached at the bottom of this page, however, the main points are as follows. 


Venue - 


The venues have changed for both Gillingham and Blandford  Choirs, this is to both ensure that the right amount of space is given to allow for social distancing practices and also work with venues that are COVID compliant. 


To start with the numbers of the choir will be capped at 30 people per rehearsal, this is to ensure social distancing can be met. This number will be reviewed in the coming months to see if more people can be added safely or if the maximum numbers are too high. 


Entry and Exit to Choir - 


To reduce the number of people waiting in line at the start of each choir, there will now be a prebooking system online. This system is on the www.rokitchoir.com website. Each member should book into the choir BEFORE attending choir and making payment online too. This will both ensure limited contact at the door and also the members being able to check that the choir has not been sold out for the night yet. If a choir member is not able to pay online or access a website, they should either email Mark James on mark@rokitchoir.com or telephone 07791591130 to reserve a space. Anyone that reserves a space, is then liable for the cost of this week's space therefore if the member does not turn up to choir they cost of paid for that night is non refundable. This is due to that space no longer being able to be taken if booked. If you want to swap with another member of the choir is sold out then this is allowed but please inform the choir leader on the above details 


Entry and exit to the choir will be designated and signs displayed. All Choir member s are asked to abide by the directions of the signs at all times. 


Hand Sanatiser will be provided at the entrance for choir members to use on entrance to the venue. This should be used everytime the choir member enters the building, even if going out for something. 


Choir members are also asked to wear a face mask when both coming to and also leaving rehearsal.


During the Rehearsals


To ensure that social distancing measures are met chairs will not be placed out at the start of the evening, instead, each member should collect a chair from pile that will be placed ready for the choir. Members from the same house hold may sit together in the rehearsal, however, all other members should find a space in an orderly manner within the designated vocal group leaving a gap of approximately 2m in all directions.


Music Sheets will no longer be used instead a projected image of the words will be used to learn new songs. If members require words on paper then they should print them off at home and bring them to the rehearsal themselves


Face masks are advised where possible for members to wear during the rehearsal, as recommended by industry standards at this time. This can also take the form of a face visor too. 


Whilst there will still be a break in the middle of each rehearsal, there can no longer be communial tea and biscuits.Therefor if the choir members would like to have a drink during the rehearsal then they must provide them themselves, and purely be for their own consumption. (If the bar is open in Gillingham, Members can purchase drinks themselves too)


At the end of the choir evening, antibacterial wipes will be provided for each choir member to wipe down thier own chair and replace it in the same space they picked it up at the start of the evening. 


The choir should leave through the exit door and ensure that all social distancing measures are in place until away from the venue. 


For any more information on the COVID-19 restrictions please see go to gov.uk website